Search Help

Search for people and facilities based on the exact keyword(s) you entered.

The Basic Search indexes publication, grants and patent documents tied to each researcher and looks for exact matches to your search in these documents. This search does not look at concepts generated by our Fingerprint Engine, but solely at the actual keywords present in the documents. For Core Facilities, the Basic Search indexes the title, description, resources and other data associated to each Core Facility.

This search supports the following two Boolean operators: "AND" "OR". Keywords should be separated by OR/AND or have quotations around multiple keywords "". There should be no whitespaces between terms unless they are within quotes or you are writing in the OR/AND functions. For example, a query should be written out as: "agricultural management" OR "agricultural prcts" OR algae OR Bts.

Copy/Paste Text

Copy and paste a piece of text to have the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine analyze it and generate a Fingerprint, a collection of thesauri based concepts that represent your text. The Fingerprint is then matched to the relevant Experts and Core Facilities.

Examples of text to use here: abstracts from an article, book and book chapter summaries, funding opportunity announcements or grant awards.

Last Name Search

Search for people by entering the name or part of the last name.

Advanced Concept Search

Search for people and facilities using an index of predefined concepts from thesauri spanning all major scientific disciplines.

These sets of predefined concepts are created by the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, a back-end software system. The Elsevier Fingerprint Engine mines the text of scientific documents - publication abstracts, funding announcements and awards, project summaries, patents, proposals/applications, and other sources - to create an index of weighted terms which defines the text, known as a Fingerprint™ visualization.

For the best results, use simple keywords such as "climate change", "blood pressure", "bridges", "algorithms" or "Buddhism". After you enter a keyword, the system will ask you to select which concept is most relevant to your search topic. If the concepts returned by the system are not what you want, try to modify your search using different keywords, or use the Basic Search to search documents that contain your exact keyword.

Advanced concept searching does not support boolean functions when entering a keyword. Instead, you are able to add and remove other concepts once you have select your initial search concept and get a list of matched Experts.

The Elsevier Fingerprint Engine is a powerful search tool that generates unique insights not typically found using traditional search technologies. Remember that your keywords may not have a direct match against the thesauri used or are not indexed by the thesauri used. To learn more, please visit our info site.